British Museum thinks it, too, would like to be in Minecraft

Public volunteers and Minecraft-savvy individuals needed to help museum recreate itself virtually
British Museum thinks it, too, would like to be in Minecraft

Another big Minecraft project is in the works, and no, it has nothing to do with Microsoft. Instead, the British Museum is tentatively planning to recreate itself in Minecraft.

A British Museum employee posted on Reddit about the project, describing it thusly: "After pushing for a bit, the Museum has agreed to support a "build the British Museum in Minecraft" project, with a couple of builds taking place in the actual Museum, though most of the work will be done whenever people are free."

Soon, we can all be made of blocks

At current time, no building in Minecraft has actually started. The project is still in its planning phases and the museum is actively recruiting volunteers. Reddit as a recruitment platform for the project is certainly novel, though the museum has not quite made a formal announcement of the project.

All this is part of the British Museum's bigger Museum of the Future scheme which is all about expanding the appeal of the museum and getting the public more engaged about what they would want to see in the museum.

Once the project gets underway, the first things to be modelled would be the facade of the museum as well as the Great Court exhibit (you can have a look at that in the handy time-lapse video we linked). Eventually, all of the museum and its exhibits will be recreated block by block for the enjoyment of visitors from all over the world.

Denmark has the privilege of being the only country so far that has modelled itself in Minecraft though other institutions are slowly looking to see what else Minecraft could do for them.

With all the hype Minecraft's created, the only question is whether any other sandbox-like game will pop up perhaps to offer a more realistic model? But could it compete with Minecraft's simplicity and low PC requirements? Never say never.

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