Bring me the shrubbery, I mean that Silent Power desktop

What looks like a coppery growth coming out of this PC is actually helping it keep out noise
Bring me the shrubbery, I mean that silent computer

In a world of shrinking desktop PC margins, you can't blame manufacturers from trying to mix things up a little. All hail Silent Power's new tiny computer that looks like a weird marriage between a sponge and a dying garden hedge.

The Verge seems to think it looks like a potted plant, an impression we can't help but share.

The funny copper-coloured growth on top of the metal box is apparently meant to cool the machine, allowing it to eschew the use of fans. Desktop casing fans are not very big but they do take up precious space.  So ingeniously Silent Power has used the copper to apparently dissipate heat in such a manner that makes it look like a really bad 70's hairdo.

Sweet specs, not-so-stylish setup

Bring me the shrubbery, I mean that silent computer

Apparently this weird not-a-plant computer has a Core i7 Haswell processor along with, get this, a discrete graphic cards. Nvidia-provided if you must ask. So of course cooling matters. The weird growth is really metal foam, which is a sort of heat sink. With the technology, the high-end specs will be able to run despite its compact frame thanks to metal foam heat dissipation.

One catch, though: it's not exactly on sale just yet. This computer is being crowdfunded in a way by preorders. Once they reach €45,000 worth of preorders, only then will the computers actually be manufactured.

How much will the computers cost? Well, €699 will get you a 500GB SSD with 8GB of RAM, €769 will get you 16GB of RAM while the limited edition €1,159 version will give you twice the storage space (1TB SSD) and a nice 16GB of RAM. If a potted PC is your dream come true, then go on and pre-order one.

Amazingly the campaign has already seen nearly half its pre-order amount reached. The dream PC perhaps for someone who has just enough space for a big monitor and not much else?

Just try not to accidentally water it, chum.

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[Source: The Verge]