BREAKING: Possible Malaysian Steam Machine on its way

Tech Armory announces that they want to acquire license from Valve to be first local Steam Machine manufacturer
BREAKING: Possible Malaysian Steam Machine on its way

Valve announced their finalised list of OEMS that will build Steam Machine, including Gigabyte, Alienware and Origin PC. There could be another name added to the list soon, and it is a Malaysian brand.

Tech Armory, a local PC retailer in Subang Jaya announced on their Facebook page that they are in the final stages of acquiring a licence from Valve to create and sell their own brand of Steam Machine right here in Malaysia. Apparently, they have been developing their own take of the gaming machine from Valve since September 2013.

When queried, Tech Armory said that they could be the first to provide Malaysian gamers access to the Steam Machine and the Steam Controller locally. They are still hush-hush over their design as they are still in the final stages of getting the licence.  Even so, this is great news for Malaysians as we could have access to affordable Steam Machines right here in our backyard.

And we can't wait to see them in action.

Source: Tech Armory