Boston Dynamics' new robot is weird and scary

We prefer the less-likely-to-murder-us-in-our-sleep Aibo - but maybe that's just us

Boston Dynamics' robot forays have resulted in some weird but strangely compelling robots. Now it's brought out the SpotMini, which is the robot dog you've probably thought your nightmares.

Better learn to run

The SpotMini was highlighted in a new video, which shows the robot dog/animal/stuff of nightmares prancing around in a yard.

It's a fairly impressive bit of engineering, moving with a gliding grace that's classes above the jerky, disjointed movement you'd expect from robots. At the same time, it's a little scary, giving us a peek at what a robot-dominated future might look like.

Still, if they manage to somehow make the SpotMini a security bot, that'd be cool. Burglars would probably get a heart attack seeing something like the SpotMini coming for them  - and they won't even need walks or food (except maybe charging batteries).

Watch the video and decide if a SpotMini is the robot dog of your dreams (or someone's nightmares).

[Source: The Verge]