BodyBrew claims its coffee is better for you

New coffeemaker purports to be healthier alternative to drips and French presses

We could probably dedicate an entire section of the site to tech inventions pertaining to coffee, but the BodyBrew has to take the cake for claiming all other coffee makers are bad for you. Normally dissing the competition is never a good marketing strategy, but BodyBrew is attempting to use science to back its claim of healthier coffee.

No filters, just coffee

Unlike most other methods of brewing coffee, BodyBrew claims it doesn't need filters. But then it's designed specifically to make cold brew coffee and unfortunately, it will require up to 12 to 24 hours to make the perfect cold brew.

What cold brewing offers is less oily compounds such as cafestol and kahweol, besides also lowering the acidity of coffee that could be damaging to teeth. Now while those are nice benefits, there is the simple problem that some people just like their coffee hot. Plus, the acidity concern can be overcome by a little extra care of your teeth.

Still, if you look past BodyBrew's slightly crunchy claims, there are things to recommend it - no need for filters and electricity (very sustainable) and the ability to reuse grounds without losing taste.

Should you think you need a cold brew coffee maker in your life, then preorder one at BodyBrew's site for US$59.

[Source: DigitalTrends]