BMW's new Mini Cooper sports eye-popping tech

On-screen HUD and graphic-based instrument cluster among the little car’s biggest highlights
2014 Mini Cooper

BMW has unveiled an all-new Mini, and it’s taken a decidedly techie turn.

While the car looks outwardly similar to its predecessor, the new Cooper, Cooper S and Cooper D models are actually 10cm longer and sport a number of exterior updates such as (optional) LED headlights and a wider grille. There are also new paint options and more fuel efficient engines. 

HUD slinging

2014 Mini interior
2014 Mini HUD
2014 Mini rear

But it’s the interior that’s got us most intrigued. For starters the circular analogue speedometer in the centre of the console has been replaced by a screen that displays entertainment, navigation and “infotainment” systems (the speedo is now located on the dash behind the steering wheel). There’s also an on-board SIM that’ll automatically call the emergency services in the event of a crash.

More interesting still is the optional head-up display, which projects information including your speed and a navigation map onto a small transparent panel on at the base of the windscreen, right into the driver’s field of view.

The new Mini – the third generation of the car since BMW bought the name – will be built in Oxford.

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