The BMW Titan is the futuristic bike of Batman's wildest dreams

Imagine riding this thing to the grocery store, or to work, or anywhere really

What on earth am I looking at?

Basically, the Batpod if Bruce Wayne had stock in BMW.

You mean… this thing is a bike?

Absolutely bonkers isn’t it? The BMW Titan is what happens when you give a Turkish industrial designer a brief that says, “Create a motorcycle that defies the laws of design and physics”. The concept bike looks to be turbocharged and judging by the frame, is likely powered by a 1600cc engine, and our dreams.

That’s great and all, but what happened to its other wheel?

Dream-powered bikes don’t need wheels. But the Titan’s rear tyre is connected to the engine by an enclosed swingarm, which enhances aerodynamics by covering the bike’s shaft and suspension. The wide, angular body also houses a cluster that displays vital information like suspension status, cooling operations and temperature for the Titan to adapt to different circumstances.

Actually the more I look at it, the more it’s starting to resemble a boat...

Funny you should say that, because the Titan concept is inspired by the hydrodynamic shape of the ocean’s most powerful predator. Like Jaws, the nose of the Titan is streamlined to reduce resistance, while air is funneled through gill-like intakes for rapid engine cooling. And just like in your worst summer nightmares at the beach, you should probably hold onto your legs while this beast tears down the highway.

Tear down a highway you say?

Probably set the trees on fire as it goes by too. The designer reckons the aerodynamically-superior Titan would be a good vehicle to set a new land speed record, shattering the current one which is a measly 605kph.

Can I expect one this Christmas if I’m really good?

You’re probably better off wishing for this thing to appear in the next Batman movie, because there’s currently no word on whether BMW plans to put this concept into production. But we’ll keep you posted if the Titan ever makes it from the drawing board to reality.