BMW now tries to help you find parking

In the smarter car race, BMW is just trying to get ahead

According to research, one third of traffic congestion is caused by vehicles looking for parking. BMW recently announced that it will be installing a new tool onboard all their new cars that will aggregate real time data to show you potential parking spots.

The end of parking hell

Inrix developed the tool called On-Street Park that will be displayed on BMW dashboards, that works just like the navigation system. The annotations of roads are also divided by the color green, yellow and red. If the street is lit up with green, that means you will have pretty good chances finding parking, and if it is red, then forget about that street, buddy.

How does it work? Inrix uses smartphone data and adds in data from parking meters as well as public data from cities. Inrix also compiles data from all other Inrix devices onboard cars (pretty much like Waze but for parking). By using all this data, the software will estimate available parking spots for you.

Although it sounds very high tech, but because of so many data from so many sources are processed at the same time, accuraciy has only been about 80 per cent in tests, according to Inrix engineers. But despite that, it is still much more accurate than the physical road sensors installed by the city, which are expensive and unreliable.

This technology will definitely shine in a few years when all cars are connected and may cities’ transportation department are pushing for more cars with the technology allowing cars to share information with each other, allowing the driver to spend lesser time looking for a parking spot and when you navigate to an address, rather than just taking you that pin on the map, it will lead you to the nearest parking spot. We are just simply wondering, when in the future will our cars drive us, and not the other way around.

[Source : Gizmodo]