Block all annoying incoming calls with the Focus:Life Gear high-tech clothing

Just put your phone in the pocket and be totally undisturbed by calls when you're in meetings or on that really hot date
Block all annoying incoming calls with the Focus:Life Gear high-tech clothing

If turning off your phone is too much of a hassle when you need to be left alone, then Focus:Life Gear is the clothing of your dreams.

Designer Kunihiko Morinaga worked with Trident gum to create the collection which uses enhanced fabric that cuts off all signals to your phone.

Now why would a chewing gum company commission something like this? That bit is a mystery. But the result is undeniably impressive and very wearable. They are also very minimalist, keeping to basic colours like white, black and grey.

The high-tech clothing line consists of basic apparel for both men and women: a shirt, t-shirt, slacks, jacket, parka, dress, skirt and of course a special pouch you can store your phone in.

High-tech defences against being disturbed

Designer Morinaga said the whole idea of the project is based on "protection from the virtual world". While he says the Internet has its benefits, we find ourselves spending a lot more time in the virtual world than with real people. Besides insulating users from wind and rain, the fabric of his collection protects them from the "storm of information" that batters us everyday. 

The fabric is made from a special radio-frequency shield material that will pretty much cut off almost all electromagnetic waves once you've housed your device in the garment's pocket. It also uses seamless fabric that requires no stitching, along with laser cutting and heat crimping. Adhesives are also used to create the high-tech, cellular-blocking clothing to create a practical and cyber-punk flair.

Sadly there is no pricing or buying information yet, though the collection has been displayed in Toronto. You can take a gander at the entire collection on its website.

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