Bleep, Bittorrent's new private chat app is now downloadable

Currently in alpha version, the Bleep app is now open to the public after a private testing phase
Bleep, Bittorrent's new private chat app is now downloadable

Remember that time when we told you about Bleep, BitTorrent's take on a private, secure app? You can now download BitTorrent's new app though be warned it is currently in alpha stage.

What does that mean? It means the app will likely be a bit buggy, some features aren't quite baked in yet and understand you're pretty much helping test the app until it gets to final release stage. And since Apple doesn't want apps unless they're at final release stage, iOS users will have to wait for Bleep to be available.

Just between you, me and our phones

Bleep, Bittorrent's new private chat app is now downloadable

BitTorrent's founders think we "sacrifice privacy for the sake of convenience" and has declared it would do something about it. Starting with its new app, presumably.

"So this is a conversation about privacy. About the ability to freely have conversations. Privacy should not be up for debate. And privacy should not be hard to achieve."

How does Bleep help with privacy? For one, it's a peer-to-peer app, there's no central server that can be used to store data and keep track of users. Bleep can't track who you are or who you're talking to, providing just its services to connect to another user while not being able to snoop on your communications.

The signup process needs only an email or mobile number, with no information that can use to personally identify you being necessary. One caveat, though. You can only sent texts and call up contacts where they are online. To add contacts, there is currently an option to either invite friends or you can import your Google address book.

There are some bugs that still need working out. For instance, you can move an existing account from the desktop to Android but not vice-versa. Not to mention the being unable to send messages or attachments to offline contacts.

If you'd like to err on the side of privacy, you can now download the app for free on PC, Mac and Android.

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[Source: BitTorrent via The Verge]