The Blade is a lightweight 3D-printed supercar

The carbon fibre-made car weighs less than 700kg in total

It was only a matter of time before someone 3D printed a supercar. Divergent Microfactories just managed that and has called its creation the Blade.

Divergent claims the Blade's chassis is up to 90 per cent lighter than most cars, thanks to its 3D printed aluminium joint it calls the Node. By plugging printed carbon fiber tubes into Nodes, a light yet strong frame is created for the Blade. The vehicle weighs 1,400 pounds (635kg) though its carbon fibre makeup probably also has something to do with that. As to its capabilities, it houses a 700HP engine that uses both gas and CNG.

No pricing as yet, but what's for sure is that Divergent plans to produce a few more of these with just a limited quantity in mind. But building its own cars isn't the company's ultimate aim. What it hopes is to have the platform available to other small teams to set up their own microfactories, building their own cars and perhaps move on to bigger things.

[Source: Engadget]