The Blackphone 2 aims to be the BlackBerry killer

If you could have a secured Android phone, why bother with a BlackBerry?

Silent Circle is in the business of securing phones and other communications devices and its Blackphone 2 is its attempt at offering an Android phone that's secure enough to use for work and play. The phone runs a modded version of Android, called SecureOS, developed by the more privacy-conscious users of Android.

Whether it's celebrities paranoid of having their private photos shared or corporate executives wary of data leaks, secure phones are more of a need than ever so this phone provides not just built-in privacy controls and powerful encryption, it packages all that without being too hard to use.

The phone can maintain separate virtual workspaces to compartmentalise work and personal use, with employers being able to have control over what information can go out.

It's not a cheap proposition at US$799 but for business users who don't want to have to juggle more than one phone, it might seem like a better deal. And Silent Circle is taking square aim at whatever's left of BlackBerry's slowly shrinking userbase and giving them even less reason to stay.

[Source: Fast Company]