Blackberry-TCL Partnership Ends Putting BlackBerry Smartphones To An Indefinite End

It's another farewell

It feels like a long time ago that BlackBerry was the center of attention for their technology that definitely opened up the many possibilities a mobile phone could do. But alas, despite its success, it has failed to regain any form of momentum since the iPhone and Android smartphone era began, and it continues with the end of the BlackBerry-TCL partnership set to happen on August 31 2020.

For those unaware, the BlackBerry-TCL partnership dates back to 2016 after their first downfall as they lacked in popularity. This partnership led to their first wave of devices being the DTEK50, DTEK60 and BlackBerry Keyone. These were designed and built by TCL and ran secure software by BlackBerry. With the partnership ending, this means we won't be seeing a new BlackBerry smartphone anytime soon unless another manufacturer decides to continue the legacy of BlackBerry smartphones.

In the meantime, BlackBerry will continue to offer secure enterprise services and they do own QNX, a popular OS for automotive applications. For those who are using BlackBerry smartphones, TCL will continue to provide customer service and will handle warranties until August 31 2022.

It's a sad end for BlackBerry, as this is their second fallout. But here's to being an optimist that better things may be on its way to the company in the future.