Bixby makes Samsung’s new fridge the control centre for the household

Think J.A.R.V.I.S. with domestic concerns

Samsung envisions its new Family Hub 2.0 fridge as something more than just a box for groceries. It’s a control centre for the house. 

Although Bixby hasn’t impressed thus far, Samsung’s latest announcement to integrate Bixby and other smart technology into its upcoming line of refrigerators may just give the AI greater purpose. 

Integrating smart technology begins where it matters most - food. There is a 21.5 inch LED display that allows you to see what needs replenishing through internal viewing cameras. Samsung also brings together the shopping experience, as the Groceries by Mastercard app allows users to conveniently order their food, right from the touchscreen. A recipes app, powered by AllRecipes, is also included, and recipes can be read out and enlarged to aid multi-tasking. Bixby also makes a contribution by telling you the weather, creating shopping lists and setting timers for you. It even goes so far as to suggest music and even adjust recipes all based on learned preferences. Now playing: “Food, glorious food”.


The LED touchscreen serves as an interactive digital board, where members of the family can put updates, notes and share pictures. All with your voice, the Family Hub 2.0 allows you to control smart devices all over your house – your washing machine, cooking appliances, air-conditioners, with Bixby being the ultimate assistant. It’s just a little strange that the refrigerator is Samsung’s choice of your home command centre; imagine Tony Stark having to go to his fridge to speak to J.A.R.V.I.S.

Following the lacklustre introduction of Bixby, its integration with home appliances does look far more promising and useful. Off the top of our heads, a limitation is whether non-Samsung appliances like phones will be able to enjoy the smart integration. And what about foods with local names? It would be a huge disappointment if any groups were left out. We'll have to wait and see just how useful Bixby will prove on the fridge. 

The Samsung Family Hub 2.0 was brought to Singapore during the South East Asia and Oceanic Forum 2017. Availability in Malaysia is still "to be confirmed", but we'll be sure to keep you updated!

[Source: Samsung Newsroomthe Verge