Bittorrent to go the way of Netflix with original shows

It seems the age of original Internet content hasn't ended; it might have only just begun

Bittorent Inc is partnering with Rapid Eye Studios to "identify, produce, and distribute original video content" via its Bittorrent Bundle platform. This new endeavour, Bittorrent Originals, will put it in competition with a host of other providers who are creating original content for their channels such as Netflix and Hulu.

Why would content creators be keen on this? For one, the profit split is 90/10 in favour of creators. The latter can even choose to offer their wares through advertiser-supported models.

Eric Klinker, Bittorrent's CEO says the move into original content would make it a "serious player in the media business". Torrents and original, unpirated content - now that's an interesting combo.

Bittorrent Originals will focus more on stories targetting the 14-25 year-olds that makes up most of Bittorrent's audience. Its first project, called Children of the Machine was announced just last year, with more to come in the following months. There is also apparently an accompanying videogame for the project in the works.

What does Bittorrent think it has over its competition? "We have a larger audience than (Amazon Prime, Netfix and Hulu) combined," said Matt Mason, the company's chief content officer in a statement on the website.

We'll stay tuned to see just how this venture could shake up the content marketing business.

[Source: Bittorrent via Venturebeat]