Bill Gates warns of AI dangers, while working on a smarter 'personal agent' that will automate your life

Obviously someday Clippy will return and kill us all
Bill Gates warns of AI dangers, while working on a smarter 'personal agent' that

While he might not actively be at the helm of Microsoft, Bill Gates apparently is still making time to work on projects that aren't philantrophical in nature. Gates recently had a Reddit AMA for the third time, where he talked about personal regrets as well as a new Personal Agent program he is working on with Microsoft.

Funnily enough, the topic got around to the possible threat of AI and Gates' response was pretty interesting: "I am in the camp that is concerned about super intelligence."


Don't make our machines too smart, he said

In the future, Gates forsees machines being able to do lot of our tasks without the capacity for super-intelligence, something he doesn't consider a problem. "A few decades after that though the intelligence is strong enough to be a concern," he said. He said he was in agreement with Elon Musk's stand on the possible dangers of AI and that he didn't understand why there are people who aren't concerned at all.

The ongoing conversation was interesting, with small snippets of personal things such as Gates' regretting not learning languages besides English, Greek and Latin. But tech-wise he did confirm that he was working with something he referred to as the Personal Agent, which will "remember everything and help you go back and find things and help you pick what things to pay attention to".

He said that the current model where "you have to find applications and pick them and they each are trying to tell you what is new" just wasn't efficient and the Personal Agent would not only address this but work across all devices.

Good to know that Gates isn't sitting on his laurels but it should be interesting to see how AI development will change in the future now people are beginning to realise that all the nightmare AI scenarios in popular fiction are a little too close to possible realities.

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