Big surprise: here are some more iPad Air 2 photos

Yet more snaps of the upcoming tablet spill out of Apple’s leaky ship
Yet more snaps of the upcoming iPad Air 2 spill out of Apple’s leaky ship

Are you sick to the back teeth of seeing leaked shots of the iPad Air 2 yet? No? Well good, because we’ve got a new batch for you.

Japanese site ASCII Plus is the latest venue for some dodgy pre-release snaps of Apple’s next 10in tablet, and to be quite honest with you these images don’t tell us a lot we don’t already know.

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There's no slider, and the Air 2 appears to be a little thinner
The lack of an Apple logo suggests this is a non-working mockup

They show an iPad Air 2 – or a mockup of one – alongside (and sometimes on top of) the current iPad Air. The two tablets are very similar, aside from the silver-ringed home button (almost certainly a Touch ID sensor) on the Air 2; a slightly different configuration of the side buttons (the Air 2 lacks a slide switch); and larger (but fewer) speaker grille openings on the Air 2. The Air 2 also appears to be slightly thinner than its predecessor.

As always, take these images with a generous pinch of salt. The “iPad Air 2” here could be a pre-release mockup made by Apple, in which case it may not reflect the final design of the tablet; or it could be a total fake made up by some wag with way too much time on his or her hands.

Stay tuned though, as we’ll be bringing you all the iPad Air 2 info we can in the run-up to its official announcement.

[ASCII Plus via TechRadar]

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