Bezel-free Oppo phone spotted in the wild

True edge-to-edge screen could be a new design breakthrough

Leaked photos of the next Oppo phone showcased what seems to be proof of Oppo's success in doing away with bezels. What does that mean? It means less phone screen wastage as the display can now run from edge to edge.

Still, Oppo might not be the first to market as it's reported that ZTE's Nubia Z9 is also running a bezelless design. More pixels, more resolution in the same form factor seems like a dream come true especially for the smartphone display junkies. For phablets, this means those big phone screens will seem even bigger than before.

While the design is bezelless, it doesn't mean the bezel isn't there - what happens is that thanks to a special curve at the end of a transparent overlay, the display is projected in such a way that it obscures bezels, hiding them from view.

The small tweak means that there won't need to be significant changes to the manufacturing process - LCD screens remain the same size with no need for extra reinforcements to cope for the lack of bezels. Let's see how long it takes for Oppo to make this official.

[Source: GSMArena]