Beware: Facebook now allows GIFs on your timeline

Expect the Tumblr-horde to invade your Facebook walls

GIFs are JPEGs on steroids, fun though easily annoying. For a long time, Facebook has refused to display GIFs on timelines but has now finally given in.

Before, you would need third-party services such as Giphy to post GIFs. Now, so long as the GIF is hosted somewhere else, then Facebook will show it in its full animated glory.

That's easily remedied by surfing to popular social media posting site Tumblr where there are posts that are pretty much composed of nothing but animated GIFs.

Another good news is that this service is only limited to individual users and not pages, so you do not have to worry about advertisement GIFs or spam GIFs popping into your feed from Facebook pages.

[Source : UberGizmo]