Better Re gives new life to your old phone batteries

Besides being pun-ny, this Kickstarter is a novel solution for those old batteries lying around

At the rate of how mobile technology is going, we change our handphones every two years but every time we do so, the batteries from our old phones are wasted as they still have 80 per cent efficiency. Like it or not, the environment pays the price for the production of new batteries. Enter Better Re, a crowdfunding project about making use of those old phone batteries.

What the device does is take old phone batteries no matter the size and turns them into external batteries that you can use to juice up your devices on the go. Better Re is a shell that encases your old batteries by using an adjustable clip that you can adjust to the length of your battery and secure it inside the shell casing.

The campaign has still less than two days left to go in Kickstarter and they are already US$10,000 ahead from their goal of US$50,000.  All you need to do is pledge US$39 for a unit and the early bird offers are still available together with multiple pledge packages. Go ahead and check out their Kickstarter if you have a lot of old phone batteries lying around that you want to revive for a greener earth. 

[source : Engadget]