The Best Updates On The New Android 11; Manage Your Messages, Notifications With Ease And More

Better app management and permissions

Android 10 is slowly working its way into most smartphones but it seems we now have Android 11 to look forward to. Google has released a first developer preview for the Android 11, which means there's still a lot of testing going on.

A few tech companies have tested it out thus far though and have revealed some interesting new updates which may not be much for most users, but are still significant nonetheless. This includes:

Bubbles - Just like the notifications that appear for Facebook Messenger on Android where a bubble appears, in Android 11 this bubble can appear for other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messages, Line or any other messaging app. This leads to...

Dedicated Conversations Section - This section enables users to manage messages in a new section. This includes emails, Instagram likes, and app updates. The goal is to make messages and notifications more manageable and that you don't miss out on what's important.

App Permission - Just like the iOS, you can now set certain apps to gain permission to access your camera, details, your GPS and more temporarily. This ensures your safety and security while using your device.

Screen Recording - While Google attempted this with Android 10’s betas, it didn't make the final cut. So now Android 11 will have screen recording, and it's set to havea whole fancy UI this time, according to those who tested it.

Scrolling Screenshot - What was once something only available on Pixel devices can soon be available on all Android devices with the Android 11. With this, you can now scroll and screenshot an entire page rather than what's on the screen.

Other smaller but significant changes include:

Battery Share - A reverse wireless charging featureLive Transcribe - Voice-to-text feature, transcribe your calls into textsDark Theme Scheduling - Schedule a dark mode timeframePin 4 Apps On Share Menu - Option to pin apps to the top of the share sheet (previously on Android 10 beta)

There's likely to be more updates to look forward to after this, but these are some great updates revealed so far. You can check out websites such as 9to5Google for the latest updates as they continue to test the Android 11. For those who want to test out the beta, you can find further instructions here.