This is the best Kickstarter project we've seen today, and it's a fake

Comedians' spoof project is far from the worst idea on the site

Kickstarter is one of the best places on the internet to buy in early on the gadgets of the future, but it's also one of the best places on the internet to have a laugh at other people's doomed business ideas. However, not all of that comedy is unintentional: lurking in the Food section is a video that's just a little too funny to be true.

Called 'Kitchen Gym', it's ostensibly a weight loss system dreamed up to slim down Graham Lewis, a formerly hard-living music PR man who gave up drugs and, in the words of his partner Rybekah, 'ate himself into a fat mess'. Rybekah's solution was to get him to squeeze fruit in a leotard, and now they want at least £30 (RM317) for a DVD of that happening.

It soon becomes clear that the project isn't really the work of burned-out media idiots but professional comedians Jamie Glassman and Rachel Stubbings, and it's not a serious pitch but a well-aimed send-up of the many half-baked ideas that make it onto crowdfunding sites.

As far as we're aware, this is the first time Kickstarter has been used as a platform for a comedy sketch, and it's a clever approach. We'd be interested to know if Jamie and Rachel have any more projects planned, and what'll happen if they actually reach their £6000 goal.

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