Bento wants you to ditch Google Now and use it instead

Ex-Google staffer thinks his startup can do recommendations better

Google Now, despite the profileration of homescreen apps, is still a popular choice for Android users as the default home or landing page. Startup Bento Labs thinks it can do better with its own Bento app, an Android-exclusive. What it does is take notes of your app usage patterns, using data such as your location to predict what you need, when you need it.

An app butler of sorts

Bento’s advantage is that it has already in place API partners such as Reddit, Uber, and SoundCloud. Right now it’s focusing on music and local services, learning, for instance, what songs you like from one and then playing them via a different app.

It could help apps like Yelp and Uber remember frequently visited venues, which is a big timesaver, but this assumes you are a creature of routine.

Other aspects of Bento is how it arranges your apps into smart folders, not a new feature, but another selling point for the app.

Fancy a try at yet another personalised home screen? You can signup at Bento's app website to apply for the private beta.

[Source: VentureBeat]