BenQ launches flicker-free monitor range

BenQ today launched the world’s first flicker-free VA LED monitor, touted to come with features promoting added eye comfort better visual enjoyment and productivity.

Staring at monitors for hours at a time does do a degree of ruination to your peepers, and BenQ claims that their previously consumer inaccessible flicker-free and Senseye Reading Mode tech will take Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) down a notch.

Preserving perception

The new monitors combat this by adopting a De-flickering Backlight Circuit controller to remove flickering completely, which is usually caused by adjustments to changes in the brightness level on regular monitors as they flicker when the brightness is reduced during use.

Smart screen

Other bells and whistles include Automatic Eye-Protect Sensors that adjust monitor brightness by detecting the ambient light level, an anti-glare display and a smart reminder that gently reminds users to take a break every so often.

Their new 27-inch BenQ GW2760HS VA LED monitor (priced at RM 959) is already available with two smaller models ranging from 24-inch to 18.5-inch are to be released in the coming months.