Bend-gate: iPhone 6 Plus users report their phones bending in their pockets

It's bigger, pricier and apparently bendier. Will this new revelation hurt future iPhone 6 Plus sales?
Bend-gate: iPhone 6 Plus users report their phones bending in their pockets

Steve Jobs believed no one would buy big phones and was proven wrong - the iPhone 6 Plus sold out faster than the smaller iPhone 6. But now users are reporting that the bigger iPhone  is a lot more malleable than they would like.

Apparently, just putting the phone in their front jeans pockets was a recipe for disaster as the phones would then bend if they sat down. Hipster jeans as iPhone murderers? Who would have thought?

Oh look, there's video

It all started when iPhone 6 users on MacRumors forums started reporting their iPhone 6 Plus bending. In response, Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy decided to video his own iPhone 6 Plus test and confirmed that yes, the phone bends.

While Hilsenteger's phone noticeably bends when pressure was applied, the phone does seem to still be working.

The MacRumors users reported that the bending had occurred mere days after the phone was launched from simply putting the phones in their pockets. One user had spent a busy day driving to a wedding, dancing at said wedding and then returning to find the phone (in his front suit pants pocket) noticeably bent.

What does this mean for users? Well, it looks like using your iPhone without a case might not be an option. Also, unless you're wearing cargo pants, then leaving your iPhone in your pants might be a generally bad idea.

Some users might complain that they would need to start carrying a bag just to carry the phone around but that just might the price to pay for a bigger, shinier iPhone.

Previously users had complained that their iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s handsets were also prone to bend. Might Apple start instituting a replacement policy for bent handsets? We'll just have to see.

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