Bell and Uber’s Flying Taxi Concept Shown Off At CES 2019

We’re inching ever closer to that Jetsons dream.

Whether it’s Spinners from Blade Runner or George Jetson’s flying green automobile,  the ideal vision of the future will always feature flying cars. While the original Blade Runner was set in 2019 and our cars are still rooted to the ground, these latest innovations might just bring science fiction to life.

Conceptualised by Bell Helicopter, this electric flying taxi might just bring us around someday, and may even be a part of our commutes to work. Bell Helicopter, an aerospace manufacturer known for manufacturing VTOL-based aircrafts like the V-22 Osprey, hopes that this new piece of technology will be up and running sometime soon. While it’s still in the conceptualisation stage, Bell brought the prototype cockpit of the vehicle to CES 2018, and has now brought the full-scope of the vehicle in CES 2019.

Now officially named as the Bell Nexus, this electric air taxi might have its first test-flight in mid-2020. It utilises eVTOL technology, basically the same concept that  enabled the Osprey to take flight, but using clean electrical energy instead to make it happen. As part of a partnership with top e-hailing service Uber, the two companies are hoping that they can be the first in the world to launch air taxis as a service that anyone can utilise. The Bell Nexus can seat 5 people and has a weight capacity of 272 kilograms.

While we can’t expect a working prototype anytime soon, we do admire the steps Bell and Uber are taking into the future and hope that our dreams of flying cars will come true in the near future.