This beautiful ticker is based on a jellyfish, looks sublimely sci-fi

Inspired by nature, hewn from titanium - like all the best things

Now, I might regret this - but, based on a jellyfish?

Yes indeed. Meet the MB&F Horological Machine No 7 - or HM7 Aquapod for short. Now, just take a moment to look at it, to really appreciate its floating ceramic bezel ring and sapphire crystal dome. OK, now we can move on.

Right, it’s pretty - but you still haven’t explained the jellyfish bit?

Oh, sorry - we were distracted by just how darn pretty this thing is. MB&F is all about magnificently mad inspiration: the maker has crafted timepieces based on everything from rockets to planes to cars, all of which look stunningly bizarre - and all the better for it. And now, it’s nature’s turn.

If it really is based on a jellyfish - which you still haven’t explained, by the way - then where are the tentacles?

Look, we’re getting there, OK? Every aspect of the HM7 channels the gracious jellyfish - from its radial symmetry to its automatic winding rotor shaped like, you guessed it, tentacles.

They’re not just any tentacles, either: these little limbs are crafted from a single, solid block of titanium for beauty and efficiency. Oh, and like some jellyfish, it glows in the dark, too.

This still all seems a bit fishy. Is it actually a good watch?

You bet it is. Look past the striking design - which, with the tourbillon mechanics sitting pretty and proud atop the watch, that’s harder said than done - and you’ve got a 303-component ticker with a 72-hour power reserve, not to mention its 50m water resistance. In fact, this is pretty much all the watch you could ever want, heritage and all.

Heritage? I thought it was brand new?

Oh, it is, but the captivatingly clever core is based on an idea popular in the 18th Century - and the HM7 Aquapod takes that idea and makes it beautifully modern.

Rather than flattening out the components like most pieces do, it mounts them all concentrically around a central axis, hence the dome-like shape. Time is displayed on rings which use specially developed ceramic bearings to keep things frictionless.

All this talk of bespoke and unique makes me think it won’t come cheap...

Aye, you won't see these down at Elzabeth Duke. But, then, the HM7 Aquapod is more functional art than everyday watch. And priced accordingly: 98,000 Swiss Francs (about RM436k) for one of the 33 titanium and blue models, or 118,000 Swiss for the 66 red gold versions. That's RM525k, or thereabouts. Ooh, that stings.