Beats Music subscription price plummets following Apple acquisition

In addition, it extends its free trial period
Beats subscription price plummets following Apple acquisition

So, over the past few weeks, rumours have been circulating of an Apple buyout of headphones manufacturer and streaming music service proprietor, Beats, and Apple today confirmed the speculation with an announcement.

Immediately after the US$3 billion buyout pronouncement, Beats Music (the company's recently introduced subscription-streaming music service) revealed a double bonus for future users.

It not only dropped the price of its subscriptions, but it also extended the free trial period for subscribers of its app.

Instead of US$119.98, the yearly subscription costs have decreased to US$99. However, the pricing for a monthly subscription remains at US$9.99.

According to Beats Music, the dip in subscription price is a result of an update to its iOS and Android app. 

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Will the move boost its subscriber base?

Beats subscription price plummets following Apple acquisition

It's unknown if Beats Music meant to make the announcement just a mere few hours after Apple’s confirmation, but the price drop could potentially allure more inquisitive customers to download and use the app.

A recent report showed that for the month of March, the streaming service had a meagre 11,000 subscribers, so a lowered price could be Beats Music’s desperate attempt at frantically trying to boost those numbers.

In addition to that, the free trial period has been extended – all new users will be able to access content for free for 14 days instead of just seven.

Of course, the iOS and Android app updates also include more than a handful of bug fixes for the “whole experience to run as smooth as silk”. Many users have been reporting several outstanding issues since it was introduced in January, and Beats even temporarily halted new user downloads a day after its launch.

Read into Beats’ moves what you want, we think the move will result in a bigger adoption of its services, and we’ll surely be watching its moves like a hawk.

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