Beat the traffic, get a Helicycle

The cross between a helicopter and a motorcycle lets its driver fly off the roads
Beat the traffic, get a Helicycle

Ever wished you could take to the skies while sitting in the middle of standstill traffic? It isn’t entirely impossible.

Meet the Helicycle, a chopper that seats two people. Clad in carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminium, the three-wheeled motorcycle goes from 0 - 60 mph (97 kph) in less than 8 seconds on land and up to a maximum speed of 112 mph (180 kph) on the road and in the air. Unfortunately, you won’t be continent-hopping with this ultra-light gyrocopter as it's been designed for low-altitude cruising. But you’ll be able to reduce traffic woes with this shape-shifter.

If you’re sitting in the middle of a traffic jam and wish to take off, you'll still need 540 feet (165m) of clearance and ten minutes to deploy its propeller, rotor, and dual rudder setup. Parts of the process are not automated, so it’s not quite as Jetsons as you’d have imagined. But it’s a start, and we’ll take it - along with some of this - to cure our road rage.

The freedom to shift at will between land and air travel comes at a price though - a hefty US$295,000 (RM952,000) bill to be exact. Also, you’ll need a sports pilot certificate to fly it, on top of the usual driving requirements. If you’ve got all that, head on over here to be the envy of everyone else stuck in traffic.

Source: CoolThings