Be relieved, Singapore is on track in terms of digital growth

It’s reassuring to know we’re inching closer to the global leaders
Singapore is on track in terms of digital growth

Fact: a little over two years ago, music and movie purchasing on iTunes didn’t exist on our little red dot (yes, it was only that recent).

Fast-forward to now, we’re seeing a proliferation of digital music and other content, which has become part of almost everyone’s daily lives.

Look at how far we’ve come in such a short span of time. That sudden growth spurt has put Singapore on a global map in terms of digital adoption and we’re catching up to the digital trendsetters of the world.

“The question a few years ago was if Singapore is on track, and the answer to that now is definitely yes.

“The fact that many of the digital companies, which weren’t here in 2011, have set base here is an attest to its progress,” HBO Asia new business and revenue vice-president, David Simonsen, said at a Digital Matters session in All That Matters in Singapore.

What holds for digital future?

Singapore is on track in terms of digital growth

Deezer Asia-Pacific business development manager, Steven Frank, highlighted the digital music movement within Singapore over the past few years – stating that Deezer, Spotify, and Rdio have recently expanded throughout the region, with Pandora expected to follow suit soon.   

But, Believe Digital Asia trade and marketing manager, Syaheed MSBI, who was also speaking at the panel, said that the global CD market has been dismal and the music industry, including the companies dealing with digital, needs to work collaboratively to sustain it.

Viddsee co-founder, Jia Jian Ho, mentioned there is a lot of work to be done in terms of content piracy, as well as telco involvement in consumers’ digital engagement.

“With a generation that doesn’t watch TV, how else do you make available good Singapore content to these consumers?”

Clearly, from what we’ve heard from the panel, we are heading in the right direction even though the industry is taking baby steps forward. 

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