Be King of the Lawn with your very own MPV

Perfect if you have a huge backyard, or just dream of one
Be King of the Lawn with your very own MPV

Who doesn't love a power mowers that lets you drive around, slaying weeds and errant grass in your wake?

Well, the Raven MPV is probably the vehicle of your dreams, because it's almost like the Swiss Army Knife of lawnmowers. Besides cutting grass and scaring children, the Raven is also a gasoline generator, and can even transform into an All-Terrain Vehicle.

It's equipped with a 46-inch mowing deck that can demolish grass at up to 10km/h, but to have some ATV fun, simply remove the mowing deck and then watch as it pulls up to 250kg of weight at up to 27km/h.

We particularly love how it's also a 7100-watt generator that can power up your devices, which means never again shall you be stranded without electricity, no matter how far away you are from the house. 

Practically awesome

Sadly for folks in condos or with backyards smaller than the average car, the Raven MPV can seem frivolous. But for those blessed with big backyards or have enough real estate space to warrant a riding mower, a Raven certainly lets you mix chores with a whole lot of fun.

Can't you just picture yourself riding around the garden or out to the nearby woods (if there are any near your place, you lucky sod) while chugging along with a crate of beer or a TV?

Pricing and availability has yet to be announced, but you can drool over more videos of the Raven MPV here.

[Source: Raven America via Gizmodo]