Be a chameleon, with a jacket that helps you match the environment

What happens when science takes inspiration from nature? You get what could be the ultimate camo jacket
Be a chameleon, with a jacket that helps you match the environment

So four young Norwegian graduates decided that they would try and replicate the powers of animals. What happened? They teamed up as a collective named Drap og Design. From that collective came a jacket that came about from trying to imitate the ever-versatile chameleon. What has come about is an interesting, translucent jacket with built-in sensors.

The sensors work by detecting the colour of objects around the jacket's wearer, so it can change colour to match said objects.

Maybe not practical yet, but who knows

The jacket is called Interacket and the colours of the jacket are projected via a series of RGB LED displays that are placed along the jacket's sleeves.

What is it made of? The jacket itself is not fabricated from anything fancy - it's a mix of foil and diffusive fabric. It's powered by a single 9V battery and uses Adafruit Neopixel LED strips, Arduino Uno chips and Adafruit colour sensors.

While CNet thinks the jacket couldn't be of 'practical' use, we think that it would be the kind of jacket you would wear to raves. Who needs childish glowsticks when you can light up in as many colours as you want?

If you think they're going to stop at playing chameleon, you're wrong. The group has designs on other animal kingdom abilities: "...we have planned out most of the other powers we want to recreate and aim to do them soon." Or so they proclaim on the website.

To keep up with the crazy kids, you can bookmark the Drap og Design webpage.

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