BatteryBox is the five-year battery you've been dreaming of

This could be the powerbank that could power up all your gadgets
BatteryBox is the five-year battery you've been dreaming of

Tired of your gadgets running out of batteries just when you need them? Then check out BatteryBox, a portable charger that is smaller than a Starbucks drink but can retain up to 96 per cent of capacity after five years. This is all due to what its inventors, Gbatteries, call BatteryOS which charges lithium-ion batteries in such a way that the batteries will have higher capacity and yet not degrade as quickly over time.

The company behind it claims the charger has enough juice for 12 hours for a MacBook Air or eight iPhones. It's not just Apple products either. Any device that uses USB charging can take advantage of the little powerbank that can, which is pretty cool if you think about it.

Now the device doesn't exactly charge your battery - it bypasses it feeding charge straight to your device. This way it helps your internal battery last longer, which is a pretty neat concept if you think about it.

Longer battery life for real

On paper the BatteryBox's capacity of 50Whr/12,000 mAh doesn't seem like a lot. But apparently the device will be able to withstand up to 3,000 charges and discharges while still holding up to 96 per cent of its charge.

How do you charge the BatteryBox itself? Well, it is charged via a MicroUSB port and takes about nine hours for a full charge. No time? Well, in four hours and a half, it can reach 80 per cent. But a 2A power supply will speed up the charging time and reduce it by half.

You can pre-order one for US$139 (RM459)

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