Batteriser helps extend alkaline battery life

Perfect for those afraid of being left in lurch by dead batteries

Even with all our new-fangled tech, we still rely quite a bit on alkaline batteries.

Here is where Batteriser comes into play, because according to its Indiegogo campaign, we only tap in to 20 per cent of battery energy. With Batteriser, it can greatly extend the life of the battery by regulating its voltage. It is just a simple sleeve with a plate of circuitry that you simply just put onto the battery directly and is available for most popular cylindrical cells such as AAA, AA, C and D. The sleeves will come in protective cases. The 9v battery’s Batteriser is not available as it is developed elsewhere.

The company is based in Sunnyvale, California and is looking to raise US$30,000 on Indiegogo by August 25. If you contribute US$20, you will receive a bundle of four AAA and AA sized battery sleeves by as early as November.

But the EEV blog, by electronic engineers and hobbyists, says that while it's likely the Batteriser could extend battery life by possibly 50 per cent, claiming an 8x increase is unrealistic. So best approach this with caution.

[source : Venturebeat]