To the Batmobile! LEGO Tumbler to go on sale

The Dark Knight's set of wheels gets the LEGO treatment
LEGO Batman Tumbler

Batman has a Tumblr?Don't be fatuous. This is no collection of Benedict Cumberbatch reaction GIFs, it's a majestic Lego replica of the Tumbler – Batman's Batmobile in The Dark Knight. It's a whopper of a Lego set, too, measuring in at 15in by 9in. Which means it’s comprised of nearly 2,000 pieces - 1,869 pieces to be precise.

How screen-accurate is it?Very. The model has adjustable wings and a detailed cockpit, and there’s even a screen that reveals the Tumbler to be in ‘INTIMIDATE’ mode. The tyres are also realistically oversized.

What else do you get in the set?The set comes complete with two mini-figures: a Christian Bale-inspired Batman and – for the very first time  a minifig inspired by Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker. Oh, and a Dark Knight Trilogy fact sheet, with all the trivia you’d ever need to know to impress your fellow Bat-enthusiasts.

Batman and Joker

So, once I’ve built it, what then?The same could be said for any Lego set, really. Still, if you wanted to make a realistic Batman scene, the Tumbler will be heavy enough to blast through just about any multi-coloured Lego brick walls, while you do your best impression of Batman. Yell “WHERE IS SHE?!”, and you could almost be in The Dark Knight.

When can I buy it?The Tumbler will be available from September 1, from the company’s online and physical retail store. It’s not cheap, though, at a cost of US$200 (RM635), but if you’re a real Batman fan, you’re going to buy it, whatever the price.

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