Bathroom fun - turn your tub into a touchscreen surface

Bath time entertainment gets an interesting twist with the AquaTop Display

A good soak in the tub can be really relaxing but pair that with some tablet or smartphone entertainment and we’re pretty much in heaven. Unfortunately most tablets and phones (with the exception of the Sony Xperia Z) aren’t exactly waterproof.



Researchers from Koike Labs at Tokyo’s University of Electro-communications have found a way to make that tub soak a little more fun, without having to worry about waterlogged devices or accidental electrocutions.

They’ve come up with what they call their AquaTop Display, which basically transforms any pool of water, into an interactive display. This is done by integrating a Xbox Kinect and a 3D depth camera together to create and project images on an opaque surface of water.

It’s not just any makeshift touch surface though, the AquaTop Display offers a unique way to interact with what is projected. From scooping an icon or image to move them or pulling an icon or image “underwater” to delete them, the AquaTop Display really does seem to bring a new dimension to UIs.

This would really make bath times a lot more enjoyable. Unfortunately, there are no plans to commercialise this technology yet. That’s a shame cause we can just imagine the fun we’d have in the tub with this.

 [From AquaTop via Gizmag]