Barracuda Kickstarter is a collapsible dream

We wonder why no one else thought of attaching GPS to luggage

Lost luggage woes resonate enough that the Barracuda collapsible luggage Kickstarter is punching through its goal so hard it could probably fund at least five more campaigns. Who knew the idea of a collapsible suitcase fitted with a tray, GPS and a USB charger would be such a hit?

US$20,000 goal achieved many times over

The creators of the Barracuda crowdfunding campaign were targetting US$20,000 but have now reached over US$600,000 in pledges. Not too bad for a suitcase, of all things.

What's so special about the Barracuda? It is collapsible - you can fold it up into a slim package that will take much less space than the average suitcase. Besides that, it comes with a neat foldout tray. Useful for propping up your laptop or even a plate for eating.

Then there's the tech bits we love - there's a handy USB charger to power your devices and there's a built-in GPS and proximity sensor. Instead of relying on open skies, the GPS will piggyback mobile networks so you can handily figure out where your suitcase is at all times.

Another nice feature - a unique ergonomic handle that will make pulling your suitcase around a far more comfortable affair. If you want your own Barracuda, pledge at least US$240 for one at the official Kickstarter page.

[Source: BGR]