Banish closing time forever with the Synek beer dispenser

Counter-top tap system recreates American-style craft brew pub in your own home
Synek beer dispenser

Does it come with a bartender?Not the entire pub, obviously. Just the most important bit: cold, fresh beer that tastes of beer rather than a metal can.

So no dartboard then?No. Neither is there a built-in jukebox, an add-on that writes rude graffiti in your toilet or a soundtrack of someone talking loudly about football. The Synek system is just a blender-sized gadget that stores microbrews for up to a month and dispenses them at the perfect temperature. 

Invisible barmaid pours perfect pint

How about cheese and onion crisps?How many pints have you had already? Can you come back when you're sober?

But I'll never be sober - that's the whole point, isn't it?Fair enough. The system uses disposable bags (costing about US$1 each) that you can fill at your favourite craft, micro, nano or home brewery. These snap into place inside the Synek, which keeps them fresh, cold and pressurised until you're ready to quaff.

Synek with beer bag

How does it fare with British-style real ales?I didn't think you were that fussy. Synek is suitable for cask-style secondary fermented hand-pulled real ales, although you might want to adjust the temperature so they don't come out too cold.

Can I get one before closing time tonight?No. Synek is still raising money for its beer delivery system on Kickstarter. Units are pre-ordering for US$299 (about RM960), which is US$50 cheaper than the retail units will be when they arrive next spring.

Next spring? I'm thirsty now!Previous Kickstarter darling Brewbot is promising to ship out its first fridge-sized digital home-brew systems any day now - although they do cost a bladder-emptying £2180 (RM12,000). 

[Source: Mashable]

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