The Baja Board is an insanely powerful, 4WD dude-machine

It's the Chairman of the Boards

Baja? As in the Honey Baja?

As in Baja (pronounced Ba-ha) California, where all the surfer dudes go to like, ride the barrel and get pitted, like so, so pitted. Although actually the Baja Board is from Australia, also a place of standing on board-like things and looking cool. Which you will most assuredly do on this speedy, swooshy electric mountainboard.

I’ve seen electric skateboards before. Why would I want this one?

In a word, power. In some more words, a frankly terrifying 12 kilowatts of power, which propels the 15kg Baja Board along at speeds of over 50km/h. That’s very quick indeed.

It sounds absolutely lethal.

Thankfully it’s very surefooted, even off-road. It's the first four-wheel drive electroboard, it has dynamic suspension that auto-adjusts when turning or accelerating, and it’s a fair bit bigger than any skateboard you’ll have ridden, so leaning into turns should feel stable. It's basically a hoverboard - and in fact it's built to handle jumps, should you feel the need to be airborne at 30mph (48kph).

So could I, like, ride to work on this, dude?

Depends where you live, dude. If your commute involves any public roads then technically it’s a no – this thing’s actually a fair bit faster and more powerful than the most powerful bike you’re allowed to ride on MY roads. Which only makes us want one more. If you want one, it's going to be Kickstarted in the next few weeks - until then, keep your face pointed at