Aviate has a really cool user interface but puts your data at risk

The launcher, which is currently in private beta, is not putting your data in a secure location. You might want to hold off on that download till the developers plugged the leak
Aviate has a really cool user interface but puts your data at risk

If you’ve just received an invitation to try Aviate, it's time to ditch confusing user interfaces and be excited over your Android device once again. But be warned, it comes with a risky price - the lack of data security.

The app creates a customised user interface, dubbed as “spaces”, with often-used apps and provides information such as weather and nearby places of interests. A different space is presented when it detects a change in location or user behavior.

For that to happen, Aviate needs to collect location, apps and various data stored on your device. Users generally raise a stink about data collection, and developers deflect such concerns by saying any data collected is placed in a secure location within their servers.

Unfortunately, Aviate was unable to give that reassurance.

Earlier today, Android app developer Waza_Be, via Arvid Gerstmann, noticed that the collected data was uploaded onto Aviate’s website, presenting an endless buffet of user data for would-be hackers. The link has since been patched and removed from public scrutiny

Responding almost immediately in a Google+ post, Aviate co-founder Paul Montoy-Wilson assured users that the company is aware of the security issue, and is working on a fix to address the issue.

Paranoid Android users might want to steer clear of Aviate, at least until its final build is ready. If you like to live on the edge you can get the app via the Play Store and request for an invite through the app.

Alternatively, find friends who are using Aviate and grovel for an invitation code to get you started on the cool-looking albeit insecure user interface.

[Source: Android and Me]