Autodesk releases free app to encourage your inner 3D modeller

Think of it as 3D modelling made as easy as Lego assembly

Autodesk has been busy trying to make 3D modelling more accessible. Its latest Tinkerplay app is a free app which the company says is “designed for kids of all ages”.

Tinker and tailor your own 3D models

The company already has a line of products called Tinkercad, which are all about online 3D modelling. Tinkerplay is a simplified, free version that allows people to cobble together 3D parts to create their own 3D characters and then later have them 3D printed.

You could consider Tinkerplay a gateway of sorts to Autodesk’s 3D modelling applications on Tinkercad. Once you’ve outgrown Tinkerplay, you can use the Tinkerplay connectors in Tinkercad to refine designs and gradually level up to full-blown modelling.

Autodesk has made the Tinkerplay app available free on the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone as well as Windows PCs. No Mac versions, sorry folks.

[Source: Androidcentral]