Authorities Look Into Taking Action On Owners Of Illegal Android Boxes In Malaysia

If you own one, you better be careful as action will be taken soon

Certain Android boxes are not legal in Malaysia, especially if they lack the right certificaion and uses unauthorised cable connection/international satellite. Yet very little has been done to stop people from purchasing one; that is, until action is taken. And that's exactly what a number of people from the entertainment industry is doing. 

The first being National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas) chairman Datuk Hans Isaac, who is looking into putting a paper together to make house owners responsible for the use of illegal Android boxes. “It doesn’t matter if the person is renting the house to another person, who bought the device, ” he said. Homeowners must be held accountable for consuming pirated content.

Datuk Hans Isaac is not the only one looking into taking action. According to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) chief transformation officer Nur Sulyna Abdullah, they are also looking into amending the Copyright Act 1987 to take the fight to consumers if change is to be seen in how digital piracy is tackled. “For as long as the Act is not amended, it will be difficult to overcome this, ” she said.

Lam Swee Kim, chief marketing officer of dimsum, agreed that such measures were a move in the right direction and that many don't seem to want to spend on legal ways of watching entertainment. “They are willing to pay MYR15 for a cup of coffee but won’t pay MYR13.90 a month for content. If we keep reducing fees, it is not going to solve the problem. If Malaysians can support the ‘no straws’ and ‘no plastic bags’ policies, they should also be able to support the ‘no digital piracy’ policy. It can be just as sexy and cool, ” she added.

With so many against the piracy and the use of Android boxes, Hans said Finas was planning to set up a “war room” at its office in Selangor to monitor digital piracy. “We will discuss what to do when we receive reports about digital piracy, so that we can take action immediately,” he said.

Remember, Android boxes without SIRIM certification are considered illegal and uncertified. If they are able to connect and stream from pirated content websites, they are also illegal and goes against the Copyright Act 1987. As such, we would recommend those who own illegal Android boxes to look into removing it from their homes and to look into more legal ways of getting entertainment.