August issue out now!

The August issue of Stuff is out right now, stuffed to the papery gills with gadgets, apps, words, pictures and punctuation. We’ve got it all covered

Now we don’t want to cause a stampede but did you know the new issue of Stuff magazine is out now?

You didn’t? Well slip into something more comfortable and we’ll tell you all about it.

Gaming Showdown

Inside the August issue (where does the time go, eh?) you’ll find a full debrief on the next-gen console battle, looking at the games, the hardware, the multimedia skills, the controllers (or lack of) and the third way: a Steam Box.

The great outdoors

Tis the season for fitness and outdoorsy fun so thought we’d put some fitness bands through their paces, plus pit the Fujifilm X20 against the Sony HX50 in a fight to the stylish, long-lensed death.

Flac the ripper

But you don’t have to go outside to enjoy our August issue. We interview one of the hottest bands in Malaysia, Kyoto Protocol, while checking out some of the cool, crowd-sourced projects that need your help to become a reality.

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