The AudioOrb is the perfect sound bubble

You may now cease that lifelong search for peace
The AudioOrb is the perfect sound bubble

There’s no need to book a temporary trip to Kiribati to get away from it all when you can have the AudioOrb at your eternal disposal for the respite you need.

Dock yourself

The AudioOrb is the perfect sound bubble

Step into the AudioOrb - a Plexiglas sphere outfitted with 18 speakers - to tune out the world. While it doesn’t seem to have a door to shut out noise, spherical spaces are purported to be able to almost completely block external noise out by virtue of how they're shaped.

If the thought of spending time cloistered in a glorified human-sized hamster ball frays your nerves, consider this: the AudioOrb is also comfortably padded out with Tempur memory-foam pillows to make you feel like you’re stretched out on a glorious bed of kittens.

Peace comes at a premium though; there are only two AudioOrbs available via Indiegogo for the nerve-rattling price of US$15,000 (RM49,350) each. Guess we’ll have to stick with noise-cancelling earphones then.

Source: Indiegogo