Asus ZenFone Live now available in Malaysia

If livestreaming's your game, then this phone might be what you need

Asus just dropped another phone: the ZenFone Live. Who is it for? It's for the new generation of people doing live updates to social media, the video streamers who want to look good while they're doing it. Meet the Asus ZenFone Live.

Beautification ready

What sells the phone is Asus' own BeautyLive tech that keeps your face blemish-free while streaming video. I mean, if beautification can be a thing for selfies, why not for selfie video, right?

What are the specs on this? The front cam is somewhat interesting: with a 1.4um pixel camera as well as a dedicated LED selfie flash for brighter, more vibrant selfie pics alongside dual microphones to eliminate background noise as well as make your voice recording clearer.

When it's not being used for live video, the phone has a nice curved 2.5D display, 2GB of RAM, a decent rear camera with 13MP and a soft-light LED flash for nicer skin tones. While there's only 16GB onboard storage, it does support memory cards of up to 128GB and comes in three colour variants: Rose Pink, Navy Black and Shimmer Gold.

Expect to see the phone pop up at an authorised distributor near you for just RM649.