The Asus ROG GX700 is an RM18,999 water-cooled gamer's desire

The good news is that you probably won't need to buy another laptop for a long, long time

A water-cooled gaming laptop sounds like a design feat and Asus has managed to deliver one with a somewhat ingenious solution. Instead of building the cooling into the laptop, the company has instead created a snap-on cooling module. Thus the ROG GX700 was born.

Powering it is an Intel mobile K-SKU processor with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 8GB graphic card. Asus claims that its ROG Hydro overclocking system will allow gamers to overclock the CPU by up to 40 per cent. You could even amp up the clock frequency from 3.2Ghz to 4.0GHz and to top it all off, there's 32GB of DDR RAM that you can also boost from 2133MHz to 2800MHz.

As for the display, it's a 17.3in 1920x1200 anti-glare screen and there's a generous amount of ports, include one Type-C port, Thunderbolt port and three USB 3.0 ports. The battery is a six-cell unit rated at 93Whrs. The laptop by itself weighs 3.6kg, 4.8kg with the cooling dock.

Besides the laptop, Asus also announced a new gaming desktop in the ROG GT51. The machine is powered by the latest Intel i7, support for the NVIDIA GTX Titan X with two-way SLI, two 512GB NVMe PCIe RAID 0 SSDs with data access speeds of a maximum 3.2Gbps as well as DDR4 2133MHz memory. 

For those who like a lot of bling, the machine comes with dynamic 8 million colour LED effects on the chassis but if you're all about the sound, the rig also includes an ESS Sabre headphone DAC and amplifier.

The ROG GX700's base configuration is priced at RM18,999 and will be available this month at select Asus retailers. As for the ROG GT51, it's expected out in June but pricing has yet to be confirmed.