ASUS Unveils New Additions To Their ROG Line

Redefining expectations with faster displays, best-in-class cooling, and more!

As time goes on, more and more advancements are expected in the line of gaming laptops. In this case, ASUS’ Republic of Gamers line of gaming laptops have always been exceptional and exemplary in the field, and now they are looking to refresh their offerings.

Mothership Series

The first major reveal is the ROG Mothership, a heavy duty desktop. The Mothership was designed with a reimagined form factor, having a breadth of display options for both gamers and creators.  An ultrafast FHD panel refreshes at 144Hz with a 3 ms response time to satiate gamers who want to experience true triple-digit FPS for fast-paced play. At 29.9mm, ROG Mothership is surprisingly slim for the power it provides.


While ROG Mothership represents the future, G703 takes the present into the next generation. Sticking to a traditional laptop form factor requires stronger cooling and a thicker chassis, so G703 employs larger heatsinks and fans to achieve the same cooling performance as ROG Mothership. Sticking to a familiar design imparts a different sort of versatility. G703 can sit on a lap in a pinch, which for some will mean the difference between making and missing a deadline, especially when on location or on the road.


Zephyrus Series

The updated Zephyrus line will stick to the S-series and M-series, as well as introducing the new G-series. With its thin 18.7 mm chassis and super narrow bezel design, the new Zephyrus S GX701 is the most compact 17-inch gaming laptop ever. It’s available with up to a GeForce RTX  2080 GPU pushed to 1230MHz at 100W with ROG Boost, which surpasses the specs of typical ultraportables. The smaller Zephyrus S GX531 is a more focused alternative for people who prioritize portability above all.


While the Zephyrus S GX701 and GX531 have a forward keyboard position that leaves more room for cooling and reduces skin temperatures where hands normally rest, the all-new GX502 adopts a more traditional layout that works better in cramped quarters and on a lap. It’s the most versatile Zephyrus yet, tailored to satisfy both hardcore gamers and professional content creators.

Zephyrus M GU502 has a choice of PANTONE Validated 144Hz and 240Hz display options with 3ms response times. USB-C charging support remains along with NVIDIA Optimus technology, helping the laptop last longer when away from a power source. In internal testing, the 76Wh battery delivered over 8 hours 1 of run time on a single charge.

Zephyrus G GA502 brings ultraslim gaming down to more affordable prices, but without compromising performance by pairing GeForce graphics with an AMD Ryzen CPU. Despite its gaming roots, its clean lines and white keyboard backlighting give Zephyrus G an understated appearance that works well at LAN parties, or in casual settings like classrooms or coffee shops.


Strix Series

The latest Strix series laptops are available in 15.6inch (G531) and 17.3inch (G731) sizes with ultra- narrow bezels that make the footprints more compact. These mid-sized models are available in SCAR III and Hero III versions optimised for esports dominance, along with affordable Strix G configurations that focus on core gaming features. Inspired by a collaboration with BMW Designworks Group to imagine the future of gaming laptops, the new Strix series catches the eye with raised ridges that race across the laptop’s spine and down the deck.


Pricings and availability will be announced soon for us here in Malaysia. Expect more word on it soon.