Asus reveals new Transformer Pad and FonePad 7

Asus reveals updates to the Transformer Pad and huge 7in FonePad
Asus reveals new Transformer Pad and FonePad 7

Asus has revealed a multitude of products here at IFA in Berlin, and there are two that caught our eyes in particular.

An all-new Transformer Pad which can switch from tablet to Ultrabook in the blink of an eye, as well as the huge FonePad 7.

Transformer Pad TF701T

Asus reveals new Transformer Pad and FonePad 7

So it might not have the most exciting product name in the world, but chop off those unintelligible numbers and focus on the digits on the spec sheet. Like 2560x1600 for example. That's the resolution of the Transformer Pad's crisp 10.1in IPS display.

The Transformer Pad manages also manages to squeeze in a Tegra 4 quad-core processor and a 72-core Nvidia GPU into its 585g, 8.9mm thin body.

Imaging is taken care of by a rear 5MP camera, with a 1.2MP offering on the front for beaming your mug across the electronic ether.

Being a Transformer, there's also the very handy keyboard dock which serves up actual keys (remember those?), USB 3.0 and boosts the battery life to a delicious 17 hours.

FonePad 7

Asus reveals new Transformer Pad and FonePad 7

This refreshed 7in mega handset-come-tablet is the second generation of the original FonePad, and it's dressed in a smart non-slip finish. That'll definitely prove itself useful if you attempt to navigate its display with one foolish hand.

Powered by Intel's Atom silicon, it features a 1280x800 display with dual front-facing speakers for pumping out tunes.

It also features a 5MP snapper on the rear and a 1.2MP one on the front, along with a huge 3,950mAh battery. 8, 16 and 32GB options are available, though the microSD slot means you could get away with the 8GB version and just upgrade later on.

And as for pricing and availability for both devices? There isn't any, for the time being at least. Stay tuned.