Is Asus releasing a Padfone at Computex?

Asus teases the hybrid smartphone, tablet and laptop device with a will-it-blend styled video
Is Asus releasing a Padfone at Computex?

Asus has started to tease a new product that it might launch at the upcoming Computex, and it involves the mashup of a laptop, phone, and tablet.

Confused yet? We definitely are. Asus teased a series of videos for the product launch, with one showing a person chucking a laptop, phone, and tablet into a blender and pulverising it to what looks like Tinkerbell’s fairy powder (that was obviously graphics, don’t try that at home).

What we make out from that video is that Asus might possibly be launching something that combines the features of all three, which we’re guessing could be an addition to its PadFone line-up.

It might be the PadFone X, which Asus recently revealed will be available in the US in June. But the PadFone X is a crossbreed between a phone and tablet – a 9in tablet with the functionality of a 5in smartphone. 

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Is it a Padfone with more features?

So we’re presuming (if it’s the Padfone X) Asus might add a laptop feature, like a keyboard accessory that doubles up as a case – similar to the iPad click-on keyboard. From the other teasers, one can only speculate that the device will also include an image editing app, as well as an app that enables content to be reflected from it onto a TV.

Just to be sure of what exactly Asus is launching, we’ll have to wait till Computex, on 2 June. We'll be cajoling with the crowd of sweaty tech journalists, so check back when we have more details surrounding this not so mysterious Asus device.

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[Source: PCWorld]