Asus likely launching Zenfone with souped-up camera at CES

The 10-second trailer focused a lot on the smartphone's lens
Asus likely launching Zenfone with souped-up camera at CES

Asus is being a right tease this time around as CES beckons. In a 10-second trailer, Asus exhorts viewers to "see what others can't see". We'll take that as code for "we put some fancy features on our smartphone camera, just you wait".

Now while the Zenfone range is doing a nice job at providing cheapish phones that aren't feature-poor (hello Samsung) or boring (we're looking at you, Nokia), the budget segment is rather crowded so we're guessing this could be more of a mid-range offering similar to the Padfone range.

3D camera or dual-lenses?

Asus likely launching Zenfone with souped-up camera at CES

From screenshots and close purview of the video, this new Zenfone retains the form factor of other phones in the range (candybar, curved edges, not going to win design awards) but the only thing that looks out of the ordinary is the camera.

There seems to be more hardware on the back of the phone, which could likely be either a second lens or an add-on that might add a different dimension to photos. Think a 3D camera or maybe a dual flash? Of course the last bit might be wishful thinking. It's pretty likely the phone will also run on Android, an OS that Asus has had no trouble embracing for its phone and tablet range.

Will Asus be happy to remain in the budget and not-quite-mid tier range where smartphones are concerned? If we follow its track record, this new Zenfone will probably not be very expensive, have some drawbacks due to the requirement that it not be expensive and be more a novelty than an object of lust.

We'd be happy to have Asus prove us wrong, though.

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[Source: GSMArena]